June Athlete of the Month

Right away, Taylor fit into the CFRE community (specifically the 5:30 class) like a missing puzzle piece. She has always listened carefully to the coaches’ instructions and because of that has made some serious gainz in no time at all. She’s crushing the hell out of her deadlift, and I’m sure she’ll have that pull-up in no time!


How long have you been at CFRE?
I think right at a year! Happy anniversary, CrossFit!

What inspired you to start?
I moved in a few doors down from Darrick and BeckyJo so … they did!

What makes you stick with it?
It’s fun. I really enjoy trying to beat my previous times or weights. Also, the people. I really love the community at RE. It’s so warm and unpretentious.

What’s your favorite movement?
Deadlift is my jam. I also really enjoy overhead squats and back squats.

What’s your current health- or fitness-related goal?
To get a mother effing pull-up already. Then to get two.

What do you do for fun?
I love gardening and finding interesting ways to make our house into a little homestead. We just got quail and I’m about to inoculate my mushroom logs!

Any advice for newcomers?
Don’t compare yourself to others. You do you and the movements will come. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The coaches are an amazing resource! Use them!


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