October Athlete of the Month


When Bren came in for the first time and said she wanted to lift heavy and put on muscle, I about died with happiness. And this girl is committed!! She comes to class consistently, listens well, and has made awesome gains. So glad to be part of your journey, Bren. And so stoked to see where it takes you! Especially at the Cornucopia Cup next month!!!!


How long have you been at CFRE?
5-6 months

What inspired you to start?
I wanted to start CrossFit because I wanted to be fit, healthy, and have muscle. I was in the process of losing extra weight and was lifting on my own in small gyms, but honestly it was starting to get boring. I had shown some friends who were into fitness a picture of what I wanted to look like and asked for advice. They all said “You want a CrossFit body.” It also helped that my best friend Ruthie already did CrossFit (she definitely was rooting for me to try it), so I walked into CFRE and said, I want muscle, I want to be strong, and I want to lift heavier than I’m lifting now!

What makes you stick with it?
The way it makes me feel. I feel empowered when I push through a workout and when I notice I can lift more weight consistently than I did before. Or when I push past fear — like the fear of lifting heavier or doing HSPUs. When I started practicing handstands I literally would shake because it was weird for me to be upside down, but just the other day I finally got my feet up to the wall myself! It’s like, when I put on my wrist wraps for a workout, I feel like Wonder Woman!

Also, getting a smoking hot bod from the workouts is also a plus … a HUGE plus.

What’s your favorite movement?
Thrusters hands down

What’s your current goal?
My current fitness goal is to still pack on more muscle, especially in my top half. I would like bigger guns!

What do you do for fun?
I’m a huge foodie so I like to try new restaurants, dishes, or recipes. Baking is a fun hobby for me, but I mostly bake for others now haha.

Any advice for newcomers?
My advice is take your time on learning technique and practice it, especially in lifts and your squat stance. When you have natural strength it is easy to muscle weight around, but learning how to be efficient and do things right will save your body in the long run!


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