Kicking-off a Season of Thanks

It’s appropriate that the Cornucopia Cup takes place the weekend before Thanksgiving because for us it’s the perfect kick-off to a season of Thankfulness…


This was our 4th Annual Cornucopia Cup. I remember the first 2 years, I was still working full-time and trying to give Darrick as much support as I could as he put together all these details, mostly with a desire to bring together CrossFitters from various boxes in our own gym home.

You should know that Darrick and I have always loved hosting. In our first apartment, it was “Christmas Mondays” (weekly themed Christmas parties) and plenty of dinner guests. In our first and current house there have been a couple epic Christmas parties, where we had over a hundred people overflowing from our 2,000 square foot home. And more recently it’s been the kind of party where we end the night with dress-up clothes and toys strewn all over the floor. Life has shifted, but our love of gathering together with friends, family, and strangers (i.e., not friends yet!), has never faded. This, I think, is why the Cup means so much to us.

If you didn’t know it already, we love our CrossFit community. There are some members who have been with Darrick since before CFRE even existed, and some who found us the moment our doors opened on Rainier. You guys are the ones who brought us food when Olivia was born and who have supported us through every change, big and small, that our family and our gym have been through. Then there are those who just started — who happened to find our beginner’s program, and who, it seems, just melted into our community, like that one subtle spice that was missing. And then there’s our SODO community, who have probably been through the biggest changes of all, but still continue to support us endlessly and love on one another.

And on Saturday, you all showed up. The oldest family members and the newest, all with smiles and focus and determination. You loaded equipment and dragged mats on a freezing Friday night and a reeeaaaallly early Saturday morning. You texted us to ask if we needed coffee. You faced the pressure of being a judge or entering scores. You saw the vision and you brought it to life. Or you COMPETED and represented your CrossFit families with your courage and your fierce determination and you let us live vicariously through your badassery. And afterward, you stayed. You broke shit down and cleaned up and packed up and then we drove back to the gyms and did it all over again. You brought humor and joy and love and we felt it. And I know it wasn’t necessarily easy for you to be there. You came before work and after work. You found childcare for the entire day, and you gave up a Saturday with your spouses and families. This, my friends, does not go unnoticed.

So now you understand why this is my FAVORITE way to start a season of Thankfulness. Because we feel loved and supported and we are SO grateful for each and every one of you.

I do, however, want to make a few specific shout-outs:

Greg Gerardo — This is a busy season for Darrick and I overall with two beginner programs graduating the same week of the Cup. You poured your heart and soul into making this event the best it’s ever been. No detail was missed, no stone unturned. You helped refine Darrick’s vision to create something truly amazing. Thank you for gritting your teeth through every frustration and making shit happen.

Angie Gerardo — You kept SODO and World’s Best Boot Camp running smoothly while Darrick and I ran around like chickens with our heads cut off. You took care of the day-to-day and we never had to worry for a second. And even while you held down the fort, you managed to also compete and WIN. Freaking incredible. While we knew you were a badass from the very first day you walked into our gym, we didn’t know how much your badassery would become a gift to us, and for that, we are thankful. And if you decide to become a firefighter, we’ll support you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

David Israel — Thank you for your continuous support since we opened this comp to the public, for helping us get the word out, and for loaning us equipment. And also for loving CrossFit and this community in general — it’s contagious!

Competitors — I mean, YOU guys make the competition. You shake off your fear, you put yourselves out there, and no matter where you placed, WE ARE IMPRESSED BY YOU. Seriously. It doesn’t matter what your limits are, it is fun and inspiring to watch you fucking crush them!!! You guys came from all over to compete. You put up with the cold, the parking, the port-a-potty … and Darrick on the mic. ๐Ÿ˜‰ A CrossFit competition would be pretty boring without any athletes, so THANK YOU for making it happen.

But especially, First-Time Competitors — Taking that first step to sign up for your VERY FIRST competition ever is HUGE!!! We are so proud of you and completely honored that we got to be your first. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Volunteers — Where do I even start? As I said above, we couldn’t have asked for a better support crew. Every time the clock ran down on a heat, you guys sprinted onto the floor and reset the lanes. You had the speed of a freaking pit crew. And the judges and score keepers — you guys handled the pressure like CHAMPS and did an incredible job. We KNOW this thing would have been a disaster without all your helping hands. Thank you, thank you.

Spectators — You are the ones that bring the energy and make those athletes push even harder. Thank you for taking time out on a Saturday to support your friends and family members. I know it means a lot to them, but it means a lot to us as well.

Can’t wait to see y’all again next year. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

— BeckyJo (and Darrick!)







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