February News and Events


Open prep

Training has been BRUTAL lately, amiright?!? And don’t we all kind of love it? 😉

We have more Driven products coming in soon — take care of your body and RECOVER well. Please reach out if you’re not sure what you sure be taking.

We also have some hand-care products coming. If your hands have been sore, or have torn, these will change your life!

And if you haven’t already heard us talking about it incessantly, the CrossFit Open is a chance to push yourself to the next level and try things you haven’t had a reason to try yet. And it is SO flipping fun!!! Here are some reasons why you should join us: “Five Reasons to Compete When You Know You Won’t Win”

Oly!!! (Snatch and Clean & Jerk)

Reminder that we have Oly classes two days a week!
@CFRE, Wednesdays 8-9pm
@SODO CFE, Saturdays 9:30-11am

Members have really been enjoying the accessory work and the chance to refine these complicated lifts! Try out one of these classes!

Also join us for our second Olympic Lifting seminar on February 26! We’ll work on both the snatch and the clean & jerk and will do a personalized video analysis of each lift to help you visually see where you can make improvements! An amazing opportunity!!! (You can attend this seminar even if you missed the first one. Links to sign up below.)

February Events:

Friday 2/10: (SODO) Happy Hour — 6pm @ Two Beers (Get more info and RSVP for Happy Hour here)

Saturday 2/11: (RE) Our first Start Strong group of 2017 is graduating at 8am! Be sure to congratulate them when you come in for that 9am CF class.

Saturday 2/11: (SODO) WBBC Bring a Friend Day! A great intro to fitness in general. Come and bring a friend! (RSVP for Bring a Friend Day here)

Saturday 2/11: Trident Open — Cheer on Coach Amanda (and possibly Coach Hanna)!!!! (More info on the Trident meet here.)

Tuesday 2/14: (RE) Fundamentals classes begin — A great place for beginners to start, and a great place for regulars to get refreshers. (More info on Fundamentals here.)

Saturday 2/18: (SODO) WBBC Troop 20 graduates!

Thursday 2/23: Kickoff of the CrossFit Open!!!! (Register for the Open here.)

Friday 2/24: First Friday Night Lights of the Open!! Every Friday evening at both gyms, we will be running the Open workouts back-to-back starting at the regular class time. You will have an opportunity to sign up for a FNL time slot each week. (Morning and noon classes will not be affected.) It will be a super fun chance to work out, hang out, and cheer each other on!!

Saturday 2/25: (SODO) WBBC Troop 21 Enlistment Day! Tell your friends! (They can even just send us a message on Facebook!)

Sunday 2/26: 10am-noon, Oly seminar #2! (Details above.)
Sign up here if you’re on file at SODO.
Sign up here if you’re on file at RE.

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