March News and Events


2017 CrossFit Open!

This is like the Superbowl for CrossFit, except we ALL get to be in the game!!! BOOYA!

We’re going to bring together SODO CrossFit and CrossFit RE for the remainder of the 2017 Open. Tomorrow, March 3 will be held at CFRE. More info here.

***Sign up for a heat here!***

(During Friday Night Lights, the non-host gym will be CLOSED for evening classes.)

Please join us even if you’re not registered for the Open! You can do the WOD, help us judge, and most importantly — cheer people on!!

We’ll also have treats (perfect for post-WOD), and non-alcoholic beverages. BYOB if that’s your jam!

Performance and Recovery

The Open is a perfect time to talk about performance and recovery! We recommend plenty of sleep and water, hot epsom salt baths, as well as the following supplements:

  • protein and glycodrive (carbs) post-WOD
  • fish oil daily with a meal
  • BCAA’s before, during, and after your workout (mix with pre-WOD if you need an extra kick of energy!)
  • creatine post-WOD
  • Nighttime Recovery (ZMA)

We carry both Driven and Advocare brands. Ask your coach for recommendations if you have questions!

Hand Care

We also started carrying Doc Spartan hand-care products for when you do tear. Both products are quick-healing ointments that get you back on your workouts faster (just different application styles). We swear by this stuff! (It even works great for super chapped lips!)

March Events:

Friday 3/3: Friday Night Lights at CrossFit RE, Open Workout 17.2 (More info here.)

Friday 3/10: Friday Night Lights at SODO CrossFit, Open Workout 17.3 (A combined workout and Happy Hour!!! Facebook event coming soon!)

Friday 3/17: Friday Night Lights at CrossFit RE, Open Workout 17.4

Friday 3/24: Friday Night Lights at SODO CrossFit, LAST Open Workout 17.5

We’re going to celebrate the end of the Open with a big party, including music, food, drinks, and awards!!! Awards are including, but not limited to:

  • Best Playlist
  • Most Likely to go to the games (as a spectator)
  • Most likely to hit their shins on a box jump
  • Best Dressed
  • Rhabdo Award (who does the workouts the most often?!?
  • Got their first muscle up award
  • Top Male
  • Top Female
  • Most inspiring performance
  • Most improved

So come ready to win … something. 😉

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