June Athlete of the Month


Kashina has been training with Darrick since before CrossFit RE even existed!! She’s come in consistently for years, even through her pregnancy and soon after the birth of her baby boy. Thanks for inspiring us all to prioritize our workouts, Kashina. You’re amazing!

How long have you been at CFRE?
I first started working out with Darrick in the little cinder block garage behind Rainier Health and Fitness in the fall of 2011. CFRE has seen me through many life changes since then!

What inspired you to start?
I thought I was pretty fit because I biked everywhere, but only had a few strong muscles and everything else was unbalanced. I had just finished nursing school, was unemployed, and was looking for something to challenge me and give me some structure.

What makes you stick with it?
We all need fitness, and this is the most fun way to get it. Crossfit keeps me accountable — there’s no way I would finish some of these workouts on my own. The friendly/competitive spirit of the workouts is infectious. The coaches are fantastic, fun, and knowledgeable. And of course we all keep coming back for the fabulous community. I love being inspired by the other members’ progress and grit and connecting with everyone after class. I once cried while watching someone else finish a workout. That doesn’t happen anywhere else.

What’s your favorite movement?
Does anyone love a CrossFit movement? Wall balls always leave me in a puddle and I love them for that. I loved double unders when I was pregnant; it seemed ridiculous to be 36 weeks pregnant jumping rope (I couldn’t run and could barely walk) but it worked. The power lifts are fun, too.

What’s your current health- or fitness-related goal?
I’m still transitioning from spending a few years holding back at the gym due to fertility/pregnancy/breastfeeding/recovery and am getting ready to hit it at full intensity again. I’d like to improve my lifting technique and get stronger/faster/better at everything!

What do you do for fun?
I just asked my partner, and he said “You go to CrossFit!” I also love biking around and exploring our beautiful city and state.

Any advice for newcomers?
Don’t look at the workout in advance! I used to avoid coming if there was a movement I was afraid of (snatches, I’m looking at you). Everything can be modified. Now that I have a baby and limited opportunity to come to the gym, I come with the attitude that I’m going to show up and, one way or another, I will have a good workout.

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