Get to know our newest coaches!

Our newest staff at CrossFit RE spill the beans.

  1. What work do you do besides coaching CF? (Or what has been your primary work in your life?)
  2. If you had two weeks off, what would you do?
  3. What’s the best nickname you’ve ever been given?
  4. What would people be surprised to learn about you?
  5. What’s your favorite thing to do in Seattle?

Jude Ovalles

  1. I work for Apple Retail. I handle the Operations for the Bellevue Square Store.
  2. For two weeks or more, I’d love to immerse myself in a small town in Europe, get to know the locals. I’d learn everything I could about their daily lives, especially the food!
  3. Jughead from the Archie Comics. My brother in-law said I sometimes look like him.
  4. I was raised on the island of Guam or that I was flight attendant.
  5. I love to find new places with great food with my love!

Todd Stone

  1. Crossfit and naps, haha
  2. If I had two weeks off, I’d travel to Thailand, find an underground fight ring and bet on Jean-Claude Van Damme to win it all 🇺🇸
  3. Up until I moved to Seattle, everyone used to just call me by my last name, Stone
  4. I really like puppies and penguins
  5. I love going to marination ma kai then going to Alki for bonfires and spike ball

Aryn Stone

  1. Currently work at Porch where I am a Strategic Account Manager.
  2. With two weeks off I would fly to Spokane with Todd and visit my family for 3 days then take off to Thailand!
  3. Schatzy (sounds like shotzie – my maiden name)
  4. I was on a hip hop dance team in college called After Choir Flava (it use to meet after Gospel Choir)
  5. Favorite thing to do in Seattle is eat at New Luck Toy then go comb the beach for beach glass with Todd!

Eric Deeter

  1. Mostly teaching and training in the tech world.
  2. Go back to Europe
  3. Deets McGee
  4. That I love washing machines and dishwashers
  5. Eat and go to restaurants.

Phil Cowen

  1. I am a personal trainer for the Seattle athletic club. I also coach for Elliott bay CrossFit in belltown.
  2. I love the Oregon coast and road trips. So ideally a long drive down highway one with some friends. And of course some CrossFit 🙂
  3. Me and my twin brother were very competitive wrestlers. On our nationals team we got the nicknames “fried rice” and “chow mein”. It has stuck.
  4. Most people think it’s surprising I like country music.
  5. I am a big foodie, so eating out at new restaurants with friends.

Dylan Pierce

  1. Army Infantry
  2. Travel to somewhere I’ve never been
  3. D
  4. I love cats. Like crazy cat lady love.
  5. In Seattle I love to eat out and try out all the different delicious restaurants.

Taylor English

  1. I stay home with the kids. Before that I was a chef.
  2. I’d probably go to Italy or work on turning the front yard into more garden space.
  3. Tunyer (pronounced toon-yehr) The first time my name got put on a menu, all the servers ran back to the kitchen and asked what the P stood for and before I could answer, my chef said “petunia.” And since they’re super southern, that devolved into Tunyer.
  4. That I have a masters in cognitive psychology.
  5. Go camping!!

Phoebi Crawford

  1. I’ve primarily been a CF coach, florist (still do when asked), and stay at home mom.
  2. Hang out with my family or go to Hawaii, or train around Europe.
  3. Everybody eventually calls me Pheebs.
  4. I was the 4H square dance champion in 4th grade; I went to 30+ schools before I graduated HS, but I went on to graduate with honors in college; I have 19 years clean.
  5. Hang out with my family and watch TV, LOL.

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