Meet our Coaching staff

Have you ever wandered around a gym, trying to figure out how to use machines, and overall feeling like a total doofus??? One of the BEST parts about Rugged Elite is that you never have to feel alone.

Besides your classmates, you will have a dedicated, attentive coach to guide you through each class. They’ll provide instructions on each movement as well as scales for any level or limitation, and they help keep you safe while also cheering you on!

Our coaches in particular are experienced, yes, but most importantly they are passionate about what they do, and they love the crap out of our members. If you think you can benefit from a little TLC when it comes to fitness, come meet our team!

Darrick Bourgeois

Owner + Coach

Certs/Experience: CrossFit Level 1 + 2, USA Weightlifting (USAW) Level 1 Sport Performance, CrossFit Mobility, coaching since 2011, gym owner since 2012.

BeckyJo Bourgeois

Owner + Coach

My goal in life is to EMPOWER people. We are more capable than we know, and I love how badassery in the gym bleeds into every other area of life. I enjoy working with people on multiple levels — fitness, nutrition, and mindset — so I love one-on-one sessions where we get to address all three. I also enjoy meeting people where they’re at. When a new athlete is patient with themselves, scales appropriately, and works out consistently, their transformation is UNREAL. It’s amazing to witness that. Besides coaching and helping run the show in our physical locations, I coach a small group of women online, and I get to be a momma to the sweetest little nugget ever.

Christine Lynch

Head Coach

Certs/Experience: CrossFit Level 1 + 2

I’ve always been a bit of a gym rat and I love doing pretty much any outdoor activity, but after my first CrossFit class with Darrick back in 2011, I was hooked! My favorite part about CrossFit is how much better I’ve become in all other activities: snowboarding, backpacking, climbing, running, and cycling. I am also mentally stronger and am generally a nicer, more compassionate person when I can get to the gym and lift heavy! And I love being a part of the community at CrossFit RE. Our members constantly inspire and motivate me!

Phoebi Crawford


I started CrossFit in 2009, and then went and took lots of specialty courses because I love learning. I got into fitness late in life in really poor health. CrossFit helped me lose 100 pounds, made me freakishly strong, and allowed me to really enjoy being in my body for the first time ever. It’s powerful to watch other people have similar experiences. I also love the community of CrossFit and working out with my friends and partner. Besides being an admin for CrossFit, which means I help keep the gym organized and running smoothly, I also run an organizing/admin business that helps other people get their lives and their businesses organized (

Taylor English


I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 3 years and have loved it since day one. I began specializing in powerlifting in 2016; I competed in my first meet in January 2017, qualified for nationals at the next meet, and ended up on the stage at nationals in October 2017. (I get to share my love of Powerlifting with our athletes on Tuesday mornings at our Powerlift class, so come see me!) When it comes to coaching, I take an earnest, honest, and caring approach. Besides training and coaching CrossFit, I mom. As cliche as it sounds, my “why” is my kids.

Jude Ovalles


I’ve been doing CrossFit since 2008 and coaching since 2013. I coach because I love to see people succeed, get stronger, and change for the better. I also love the community that CrossFit brings together. Growing up, it wasn’t easy for me to fit in, and I feel CrossFit embraces you as you are. As a gym family, we get to work on our weaknesses together, get better everyday, and celebrate each other’s wins. Besides coaching CrossFit, I work for Apple retail, and I love to cook and bake all the things, which makes me want to workout even harder!

Casey Arena


Certs/Experience: CrossFit Level 1, Precision Nutrition

Danyelle McNeary

Yoga Coach

Jenny Whelan


Josh Whelan


Amanda Righi


I love CrossFit because of the amazing emotional and physical transformation I’ve experienced personally and seen in others. Achieving something you didn’t think possible is pretty powerful. I also love it because all of my favorite people do it! I’m a firefighter and CrossFit has been integral to success in my work. My personality traits and coaching approach: organized (like to keep the class on time), goofy (lots of dancing to N’sync), detail oriented (I love coaching the Olympic lifts), and fun (if it’s not fun, no one will do it). When I’m not training, I fight fire 20% of the time and the other 80% of the time I respond to medical calls.

Hanna Benkert


Cristina Hawkes


Kyrsten Pratt


I do CrossFit because I want to be strong and healthy, and I want to be around to take care of my family for a looong time. With two young daughters, it’s important for me to promote the idea that strong = healthy = beautiful. Also, I’ve had Type 1 diabetes for 28 years, so I need to take care of my own health in order to minimize the long-term effects of diabetes down the road. Before having kids and CrossFit coaching, I taught high school chemistry and forensics. You may catch a little “teacher” in me during a CrossFit class. 😉