Who Belongs?

We are Home of the Rugged Elite

Wondering if this is the right home for you?

We’d love to tell you about our community and to do so, we need to clarify the terms “rugged” and “elite.”

How do we define “rugged”?

At Rugged Elite, “rugged” doesn’t mean masculine or dirty. It means you have grit and perseverance. We can be clean shaven or have glitter on our nails and still be rugged AF, thankyouverymuch.

What about “elite”? That word feels exclusive.

We believe the word “elite” belongs to any person who has decided to give their circumstances the middle finger and go for it! The definition of elite is  “best of a class” …

Who do we think is “best of a class”?

… The parent who hustles hard to care for their family, who takes the time to snuggle their babies and hold their partner, who fixes appliances and pays bills and buys groceries and cooks dinners, and who STILL shows up at the gym and gives 110% because they know they’re worth it.

… The young professional who is making WAVES in the world, who works 50-60 hours a week, who dreams about what’s next for humankind, who shows up at the gym and DOMINATES because they’re full of energy and passion, but who also takes the time to chat up the 85-year-old couple who trains alongside them.

… That 85-year-old couple? Damn right, they’re elite, too. They give abundantly, sharing their resources and their time. They laugh and joke and make every person they pass feel like a million bucks. And they are making a conscious choice to prioritize their health.

What does our gym family look like?

Our clients range in age from 5 to 99 (seriously). We have working parents and stay-at-home-parents and single parents. We have folks who work in fancy offices, folks who build houses, folks who fight fires, and everything in between.

We represent various genders, ethnicities, religions, and beliefs about the world in general. Being accepting and inclusive of all people can be hard for some folks. It means there will be people around you who live differently than you and who believe different things.

But you know what’s so amazing? When you are both lying side-by-side on the ground breathless and sweaty after an intense workout, don’t nobody care about your differences.

When we say all goals are equal, we mean it. And we love watching our community support one another no matter their goals!

We are a beautiful mess. An amazing amalgam. More than people who exercise together. We are everyone who is interested in being part of a caring community where physical fitness is the way we love ourselves and each other. We show up. We work hard. We push each other. We support each other. And every day, we get better. We are the Rugged Elite. And we welcome you to join us.