November Athlete of the Month


Leo jumped right into CrossFit with no hesitation (even with no previous experience!), and it’s been awesome to watch him progress quickly in even the most complicated lifts. He shows up for class consistently week after week, and always comes with a smile and makes things so much fun. He even leads an ab workout after the 8am class every so often. Thanks for being part of the family, Leo!

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October Athlete of the Month


When Bren came in for the first time and said she wanted to lift heavy and put on muscle, I about died with happiness. And this girl is committed!! She comes to class consistently, listens well, and has made awesome gains. So glad to be part of your journey, Bren. And so stoked to see where it takes you! Especially at the Cornucopia Cup next month!!!!


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July Athlete of the Month

Dan is one of our fiercest supporters. Despite a battle with RA, he comes in consistently and always works hard, with a smile. He deep cleans the gym once a week (thank you!), he represents us at local business meetings (2-hour parking anyone?!?!), and he loves and encourages each and every person he comes in contact with. We appreciate you SO MUCH!!!


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