At CrossFit RE, our vision is to provide the tools for you to have LIFELONG health and fitness. One way to start your journey is with Fundamentals classes — designed just for beginners!

Running now through Jan 4

Fundamentals class sizes are smaller and are focused on technique and consistency, not overall intensity.

Our goals during Fundamentals:

  • Teach you how to perform foundational CrossFit movements safely
  • Wake up any unused muscles by giving you an awesome workout under the close supervision of some of the best trainers in Seattle

Fundamentals is a six-class program:

  • You will come to three classes a week for two weeks
  • After two weeks, you can join regular classes
  • Repeat Fundamentals classes as often as you’d like until you become comfortable with movements!

(If you’re looking for something more structured, check out our intensive Start Strong Challenge, beginning Jan 6.)

Four steps to getting started:

1. Choose your schedule

Tuesday and Thursday: 7 a.m. or 7 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m.

You can jump in at ANY point, but you’ll want to complete 6 consecutive classes once you start.

2. Sign up

Start Fundamentals by signing up for our 3-month New-Member package. It’s a no-risk trial at $180 per month for three months. Sign up here!

3. Watch our intro video

This video will give you an overview of our gym as well as instructions on some basic bodyweight movements … so you can hit the ground running at your first class!

4. Show up for class

Your goals are impossible if you don’t show up!

For those of you who are simply looking for refreshers on specific movements, here is our programming schedule for Fundamentals classes. Please feel free to join us on days where you feel you need the most help!

Here’s a PDF calendar, including the movements that will be covered: fundies-winter-2