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CrossFit RE April 2018 News

Coaching Schedule Changes

As you may have noticed, we’ve recently made several changes to the coaching schedule. While we do our best to keep things consistent so you know which of our awesome coaches to expect when you show up for class, sometimes we just have to do some shuffling!! You’ll continue to see some fluctuation and different faces through part of April, but things will hopefully settle down by the end of the month and we’ll get the schedule back into a regular cycle.

Want to know who will be coaching the class you plan to attend? Check the schedule in Triib (either in the app or on the website). We try our hardest to keep that up-to-date, except in the case of last minute changes which happen from time to time 🙂

Changes to Clubhouse Membership

Effective NOW, the Clubhouse classes and Open Gym access will be available to ALL MEMBERS – no add-on necessary! That means access to more MetCon classes, Powerlifting, Dynamic Mobility, and the Nutrition Master class – these will all be INCLUDED with any membership! Check out the class schedule (select the Clubhouse tab) and get ready to experience some of these awesome class options.

Don’t forget to reserve a platform for Open Gym use at the Clubhouse.

Changes to Sunday Open Gym at CC

With our dear friend Abbey out of commission for a while, we will be cancelling Sunday Open Gym at Columbia City for the next couple months. This change will be take effect this week, April 8.

But don’t worry – you can still get your Sunday workout in!! Open Gym at SODO is from 10 am to noon, and the Clubhouse is available all day to everyone.

Don’t forget to reserve a platform for Open Gym use at the Clubhouse.

Upcoming Apparel Order

We know that some of you are STILL waiting on your pre-ordered jewel-tone crown logo hoodie – those size/color combos have been out of stock for months and don’t seem to be coming back any time soon, so we are looking into other brands so we can fulfill those orders. If you are one of the people who has not received your pre-order yet, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE and stay tuned for more info about options coming soon. In the meantime, you can have a look at these available styles from Ryderwear.

And look for pre-order sheets at the gym soon for more hoodies and a new t-shirt/tank!

Thanks for an AWESOME Open Season!

Congrats to all of our members who participated in the Open this year – both officially and unofficially! We’re SO proud of the effort we saw from each and every one of you and hope you had a great time challenging yourself! Thank you to everyone for making Friday Night Lights a blast every week – we’re looking forward to next year already!