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CrossFit RE July 2018 News


July 4th Schedule

Both main gyms will be closed for the day on Wednesday, July 4th, but if you still want to get your Independence Day workout in, hop on over to the Clubhouse and get it done! The Clubhouse will be available all day.

We strongly recommend reserving a spot in advance if you want to be guaranteed space and equipment – click HERE to reserve a platform!


CrossFit Kids – Coming VERY soon!

You asked for it, and it’s finally here…join us as we launch the first ever kid’s program at CrossFit RE: Columbia City!

This has been a dream of ours for a long time and CrossFit Kid-certified coaches Taylor and Cristina are excited for the opportunity to lead the program and invest in your kids. Our CrossFit Kids program is designed to help your kids learn what it means to be in a community, while also developing life skills and making fitness a natural part of their lives.


Our summer session will run from July 16th – August 22nd with classes being held in the Clubhouse at Columbia City. We’ll have classes for two age groups and will offer special rates for kids of CrossFit RE members. Details below!


CrossFit REcess

Suggested ages: 3-6 years old
Monday and Wednesday 8:30-9:15 a.m.

CrossFit REcess will focus on one skill per class, and will include a variety of game play, keeping your kiddos engaged and focused for the full 45 minutes!

CrossFit RE Misfits

Suggested ages: 7-12 years old
Monday and Wednesday 9:30-10:15 a.m.

CrossFit RE Misfits will practice multiple skills per class and will incorporate both game play and structured workouts. These youth will have a blast while also gaining the skills necessary for any other activity or sport.

Member Pricing:
Single class: $12
12-Punch: $130

Non-Member Pricing:
Single class: $15
12-Punch: $160

  • Punch cards can be shared between kids in the same family and have no expiration date.
  • If you have multiple kids who will each attend frequently, you may purchase one punch card per kid; each card after the first one will be 25% off.

>>>>Contact Angie or Phoebi with your kids’ names and ages to purchase a punchcard!<<<<

A couple more notes:

  • This is our test launch! We’ll be asking for feedback along the way so that when we launch our Kids’ membership in the fall, we’ll hit the ground running.
  • We’d also love to start a program for teens, but the survey didn’t indicate a demand for one at this time. Email if that’s something you’re interested in!


Start Strong begins July 14th

First of all, we’d like to give a big round of applause to the recent Boot Camp and Start Strong grads – you guys put in a ton of hard work throughout your 6-week programs and we saw some awesome results! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of you!

If you know anyone who would love to get started with CrossFit but isn’t sure where to begin, send them our way! Start Strong is a great place to build a strong foundation for both your fitness and skills. The next session begins July 14th and space is limited, so SHARE THIS SIGN UP PAGE or put your friends in touch with Phoebi ( to ask questions!

And stay tuned for details on our next Boot Camp session, which will begin soon as well!


Sunday Open Gym is BACK at CC!

Abbey is back in action!! Which means that Sunday Open Gym is BACK ON at Columbia City from 10 am to Noon. You’ll also see Abbey around the gym during Open Gym on the weekdays, so be sure to say HI!


Fundamentals at CC

Are you new to CrossFit and looking for more guidance on new movements? Or have you been in the game for a while but could use a refresher or some extra practice on some particular skills? Then check out our Fundamentals classes – they resumed Tuesday, July 3rd at Columbia City and will run for a limited time, so don’t miss ’em! They’re included in ALL memberships, so all are welcome. Check out the Fundies schedule HERE!


Saturday Noon MetCon at SODO

Due to low attendance, we are *considering* cancelling the noon MetCon class at SODO on Saturdays. We’ve decided to give it the month of July to redeem itself, so if YOU love that class time, make sure you attend as much as possible in the coming weeks!! If attendance increases, we’ll keep it on the schedule 🙂


Check out our new and improved website!

After MONTHS (and months) of work and edits, our new and improved website,, has FINALLY launched! Check it out and let us know what you think. And we’ve got to give a HUGE shout out to SODO member Colin Griffiths for his MANY hours of hard work helping us design the new site and making it possible! Thanks Colin!


Changes to Bonus Work

As some of you may or may not know, we are getting our main gym programming from a Games-level gym called Misfit Athletics. One of the great things about their programming is that it is very well thought out and is very effective at getting you fit, improving endurance and most of all, making you very durable. But it is a very high level of programming and the Rx and Comp versions we do in our gym are meant for advanced athletes and those who like to compete. The bonus work has also been reflecting that as of the last few months, BUT….

Moving forward there will be 2 options for bonus work. There will be the bonus work that you can do at the end of class or if you finish the WOD early that will usually take 5-8 minutes. This will be stuff like core work, or some gymnastic work. This bonus work will be posted on the main white board in the gym.

Then there will be the bonus work for those of you who are looking to taking your CrossFit training to the next level. This will look a lot like an extra WOD, Conditioning or Strength work. This is intended for advanced athletes and is meant to be done during Open Gym or in the Clubhouse. Look for this bonus work to be posted in the Triib app starting next week.


Love to clean??

….And we don’t just mean with barbells!! We’re on the hunt for a member who would be interested in helping us with weekly deep cleaning at SODO (particularly of the locker rooms and bathrooms) for a membership trade. If that sounds like something you’d be into, please contact Angie ( for more info and to talk logistics!


Upcoming Events

Wednesday, 7/4
INDEPENDENCE DAY – Both gyms closed; all classes cancelled

Saturday 7/14
CC: Start Strong begins

Monday 7/16
CC: CrossFit Kids begins

August 1st – 5th
2018 Reebok CrossFit Games – stay tuned in the coming weeks for more info about viewing parties and gatherings to watch the Games as a community!!