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CrossFit RE November 2018 News

Throughout November — Holiday pre-orders

In order to deliver goods in time for Christmas, orders need to be placed by Thanksgiving. We’ll post them up around the gym and send an email with specifics when everything is set in stone!

Tuesday, Nov. 13 — First Annual Rainier Valley Food Bank Rice Run

Join us for our FIRST ANNUAL Rice Run!

We are excited for an opportunity to support the Rainier Valley Food Bank, as they tirelessly support our neighbors year-round.

Our goal is to collect *** 5,000 pounds *** of Rice by 5 p.m. on November 13!!!

We will then RUN the rice to the food bank in a workout henceforth known as “Rice WOD”

We will have a kid’s workout, a beginner’s workouts, and a “regular” CrossFit-style workout … AND a Strong Man (… “Rice Man”) workout! You are also welcome to simply show up, bring rice, and cheer folks on!*

*Note that entry for the workout will be a minimum donation of 50lbs of rice per family.

This event is open to everyone! No CrossFit experience or affiliation necessary. 🙂

Let’s make sure all the families who utilize this incredible resource have more than enough of one of their holiday season staples.

» Ask questions and RSVP here «

Saturday, Nov 17 — CORNUCOPIA CUP!

Register to volunteer! We have all kinds of jobs, from judging to scoring to helping move equipment and keep bathrooms stocked. You’ll get a t-shirt (while supplies last) and a turkey leg! 😀

OR just come by when you can to cheer on 60 competing athletes!! It’s our biggest event of the year and is SO MUCH FUN.

Thursday, Nov 22 — Thanksgiving

One family WOD at 9 a.m.

Friday, Nov 23 — CLOSED

Reserve a platform at the Clubhouse.

Saturday, Nov 24 — Regular schedule

Monday, Nov 26 — Holigainz begins!

Sooo ….. Why do we do Holigainz?

It’s so we can put those extra calories to good use!! This time of year is the BEST time to put on extra muscle … and we’ll release any extra fat that might come along with that come January. 😉

…… Also, can you imagine eating 7 cookies and a cup of eggnog at the office and then coming to the gym for a run WOD??? Barf. We’ll meet you where you’re at. 😉

THAT being said, we know this isn’t EVERYONE’S favorite time of year, so we’ll include MetCon bonus training so you can still get that cardio in. During the week, you’ll also continue to see traditional CrossFit WODs, so hang in their through the heavy stuff!!!

Saturday, Dec 8 — Holiday party!

We’ll start the evening off with a family-style potluck (plus games!) in the main gym. (We’ll “graze” eat — no official sit-down time.)

Please bring the whole fam! RSVP with the total number of people who will be attending the dinner portion of the evening, and choose a food item to bring. (If you like to imbibe, we also ask that you bring a bottle of wine, a 6-pack of beer, a cocktail mixer … or equivalent. We’ll provide an array of adult-beverages and non-alcoholic beverages as well!)

Around 7 p.m., the party will continue in the Clubhouse, with cocktails and karaoke … No littles allowed! Get a sitter! You’re welcome. 🙂

Also — invite any and all! The more the merrier!

Please RSVP here ASAP so we know how many to expect!