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Now Introducing … Trail Training!

WOW, 2020 has been quite a ride. But despite the challenges, we have realized that in some ways, it was the year we needed.

Gym-wise, our community has never been stronger. We can’t say this enough — we have been deeply humbled by the support of you, our community. We could have easily been swept under water over the last 6 months, but you stood by us when we closed, and you continue to stand by us through all the confusion, all the rules, all the internet and zoom debacles … and we are enormously and eternally grateful.

It has been a scary and challenging ride, but this pandemic has shown us where we are lacking and forced us to adapt and make some necessary (and awesome!) changes to our gym model. One of the biggest things we have become aware of is the fact that we might not be as “in control” of our business as we thought. With one fell swoop, the government was able to shut us down (rightfully so, but scary none-the-less). Then a couple months later the (now former) owner of CrossFit had some really ugly things to say that affected how people perceive the CrossFit brand. It was eye-opening to us how vulnerable we were to others when it came to our ability to keep our business open.

More than ever, we understand how important it is to acknowledge our weaknesses, to take more ownership in how we run our business, and to adapt to what seems to be a “moving target” when we look toward the future. Having feedback from our customers, understanding how best we can provide a good experience, and considering how we take what has been said and make use of it (be it by going to check this out and throwing ourselves into a new strategy, or by making a new start altogether) are all important factors we have to consider.

And so we are proud to present a bit of a RE-brand, primarily with the addition of Rugged Elite Trail Training

because behind those mountains are more mountains.

The Trail Training launch will begin as online programming. On August 17 (this coming Monday!), we are launching an online beginner’s program called Base Camp. Base Camp is basically a “couch to trail” program (yep totally stole that, LOL). We want folks to be able to enjoy the outdoors comfortably and safely. It will be similar in feel and scalability to our Start Strong program, but more focused on increasing aerobic capacity (cardio) and durability. Think of it this way: instead of training to prepare for CrossFit, you’re training for a 3-mile hike or a half-day of skiing.

This program will also de-emphasize weight loss and highlight performance. While we still know and understand that weight loss is an important factor in the overall health of many individuals, it will not be a primary focus within this particular program.

*** We are currently accepting people into our first Base Camp session now! If you’re interested or know someone who might be, learn more and sign up here: ***

Next, as many of you have noticed, we have new “levels” (categories) on the whiteboard in the gym: Fitness, Performance, Elite, and Rugged Elite (Trail). The idea is that we want you to have freedom and flexibility in choosing what your workout will look like for the day, instead of feeling like you’re boxed into a particular level. Some days you will feel like working on overall fitness, and that is just as important, just as challenging, AND just as badass as any other category on the board.

Sooooo … what exactly is the “Rugged Elite/Trail” category? Simply stated, Trail Training will take your capacity to the next level.

Trail Training workouts will range from 30-60 minutes and while they are based on the daily workouts at the gym, they will generally include a heavy carry of some sort, and they will always force you to dig deep into your grit reserves to complete them.

It’s “rugged” in the sense that you will only be using a sandbag, and pair of dumbbells or a kettlebell; and “elite” in that it’s meant to push you to your limits. This is for those of you looking to summit Mount Rainier or take a week-long backpacking or hunting trip; for those of you who want to run a Spartan Beast or a half-Ironman; and for those of you interested in back-country skiing and snowboarding, where you have to be able to hike your equipment up the mountain. If your dreams include any sort of grueling outdoor adventure, this program is for you. All you’ll need to bring is yourself and your workout clothes (which you can get a discount on by visiting and the rest we’ll do for you. Well, you’ll need to work hard, but we’ll help you to achieve your goals!

Rugged Elite programming is also specifically and uniquely designed as “DIY” programming, meaning the movements are simpler than what you often see in a CrossFit class, so you can do them at home without being coached and still feel safe. And of course there will still be scaling and alternate options to make sure you can get the most out of your workout with the equipment you have.

** This program is ready to be BETA tested and we are looking for 5 people who are willing to COMMIT to testing it out for 4 weeks! We will supply the sandbags for you to use during the beta test. If this sounds like something you are interested in, fill out an application here. ***

In sum, we still have a lot more planning and rolling out to do … new merch, monthly group adventures, new baseline workouts (Mount Si for time anyone?), and a small shift in our retail selection. But we are so excited about the new changes and couldn’t wait to share it with you!

We are looking forward to continuing to serve you and help you THRIVE through this crazy adventure that is 2020.

Love you all! … now go outside. 🙂