Classes & Programs at CrossFit RE

Introductory Programming

Base Camp

This 4-week online program is a super fun, non-intimidating way to build a foundation of fitness

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Start Strong

This program is designed for beginners ... you'll LEARN a ton, get really STRONG, and have a BLAST!

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Free Class Trial

Curious about CrossFit? Try out a free class, meet some folks, and see if we might be a good fit!

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Intro Consult

Work one-on-one with a coach -- around YOUR schedule -- to learn foundational CrossFit movements.

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Free Women’s Class

A safe space where women can be themselves, enjoy fitness, and meet their neighbors!

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CrossFit Kids

Kids learn to be community, while developing life skills and making fitness a natural part of life.

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Programming for Continued Development


Offering the most variety, CrossFit classes stave off exercise boredom, producing amazing results.


Slow, non-explosive movements that will improve strength and make you a more durable athlete.