Welcome to our most thorough and impactful program yet.

We can’t WAIT to help you get serious about your health once and for all!

What’s included?


  • 3 in-person training sessions per week 
  • ONE fitness coach for the entire program, which means they’ll get to know you (goals, fears, limitations, etc.) really, really well
  • Customized programming to fit your level of fitness, and to ensure you get the most out of each workout
  • Equipment set up prior to class time, to take advantage of every precious minute you have
  • Small-group training for plenty of hands-on coaching  
  • The most THOROUGH programming we’ve ever offered! 
  • One home workout per week
  • PLUS a kettlebell and jump rope that are yours to keep forever! 


You will have 2 dedicated nutrition coaches:

  • Jenny Whelan, Whole30-Certified Coach …
  • She will be guiding you through Whole30 using every tool and resource you could possibly need! (Think of Whole30 as an experiment to find out WHAT foods your body does and doesn’t do well on.)
  • After 30 days, she’ll help you purposefully reintroduce foods to create an educated and sustainable template for you.
  • Darrick Bourgeois, Intermittent Fasting Master …
  • Approximately one month in, we’ll transition into intermittent fasting. Darrick will guide you through his custom, 8-week Cheat Codes Intermittent Fasting program. This will guarantee you an amazing body transformation, and is also one of the healthiest things you can do for your body.
  • Between these TWO programs and the coaching that comes with them, you will see incredible health and body transformations! 


  • BeckyJo Bourgeois will be your dedicated accountability coach, checking in with you and helping you figure out all the intricacies when it comes to working health and fitness into your busy schedule! 
  • She has created an entire business around life coaching and helping people get through busy and challenging seasons of life …She will be your mental rock to make sure you can make it through this challenging program!

… 3 months
… 4 dedicated coaches
… You CAN’T fail a program like this!

$5,000 worth of value!!!!

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