Nutrition Support

We are incredibly excited to be launching a new nutrition program — one we think will meet you where you’re at, and one that has the potential to help you reach (and sustain!) any nutrition goal.

You can start this program at any time, and you can switch between options as necessary in order to:

  1. Reach your goals
  2. Continue to maintain your health forever!

Remember, the best program is NOT the one you can follow 100% of the time for 6 weeks, but the one you can follow 80% of the time for 6 months.

Option 1 – Healthy Habits

Cost: Free


  • Daily Goals Checkmark Tracker
  • Cheatsheets (Meal Ideas, Meal Templates, Snack Ideas, Salad Cheatsheets)
  • Upgrade: $20 for Phoenix, a 12-week journal designed to help women live abundantly and harmoniously, including prompts and challenges for both nutrition and mindset.

Email to request your free materials! (Available to members only.)

Option 2 – Weight Loss

Cost: $45


  • Everything from Option 1
  • 15-minute consultation and intake form, including:
    • Vitals
    • Goals
    • Exercise and non-exercise activity
    • Dietary preferences
  • Macros-based handout based on your body specs and goals (you decide your desired level of tracking)
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Video tutorials (“how-to’s” and “tips” of macros)

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Option 3a – Specification

Cost: $75


  • Everything from Options 1 and 2
  • Intro session with a coach (up to one hour) and intake form
  • Intake form takes into account personality and lifestyle
  • Specification based on your goals (performance, fat loss, body recomposition, manage disease)
  • $35 check-in sessions available (up to 40 minutes)

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Option 3b – Specification + Accountability

Cost: $135 per month, minimum 3-month commitment


  • Everything from Options 1, 2, and 3a
  • Weekly check-in sessions with coach (they’ll also be reviewing your tracker and helping you continuously make changes to get you the results you want)

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