Start Strong


Often times the fitness and nutrition changes we try to make … just don’t stick. We start out with motivation and good intentions, but along the way we get distracted or bored.

If you are serious about living the VIBRANT lifestyle you’ve always wanted, you need a different approach.

At the Rugged Elite, we are passionate about making fitness FUN. We are a community-focused CrossFit gym in South Seattle that you’ll love coming to day after day, so you’ll feel like a badass, love how you look, and have all the confidence you need to take on the world!

New session added! Starting 9/8/20.

6:30 a.m.

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With Start Strong, you’ll pay less than $14 per class (more than 25% off!!!) …
If that was ALL you got, it would be a great deal!!! 

But you ALSO get: 

  • Weekly nutrition info and support to shift your mindset around food and help you get even better results (lose fat, gain STRENGTH!)
  • A tracker so you can SEE your results and so we can give you the personalized feedback you deserve
  • Guidance and support from us (the owners) Darrick and BeckyJo; plus Phoebi, our admin; plus the ENTIRE coaching staff
    ……. our team has been BUILT to help YOU succeed!
  • A STRONG t-shirt or hoodie so you can remind yourself how much of a badass you are!
  • Free supplement samples plus discounts! 

Isn’t that exciting???
    …. Can you imagine how different you will feel at the end of these 6 weeks?

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Or schedule a No Sweat Intro or Consultation if you’re not quite sure which program is right for you.


You do not need to be in good shape to start. This program is designed for beginners!

  • Must be willing to come to our facility 3 days per week for the full 6-week program.
    • If you have regular conflicts with any of the specific times, contact us at … We have options!
  • Must be willing to complete daily and weekly challenges throughout the duration of the program.
  • Must enjoy working in a group environment. The energy at our gym is infectious. When it’s positive energy, there’s nothing better. But negative energy spreads too.
  • Must be committed to making this change. This will not work if the coaches want to see you reach your goals more than you do!
  • Must leave your ego at home. This is a place where hard work is respected. It is a humbling experience that we’ve all been through.
  • Must commit to the entire 6 weeks. The first week is brutal. We need people who will be here at the end to reap the benefits of all this hard work.
  • This is not a “biggest loser” type challenge. Not everybody will be coming in with the goal of weight loss. All transformations are welcome.
  • Must have the discipline to track and make changes to your nutrition.
  • Must respect the rules of the gym. They’re in place to set the culture. The culture is in place to give you the best workout experience possible.


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