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Joe’s Start Strong Transformation

Here’s what Joe had to say on his 2-year Start Strong Anniversary

Hear his journey of transformation … how he increased his fitness to get into the best shape of his life …

“Today is a bit of an anniversary for me. Two years ago today I walked into CrossFit RE for their Start Strong intro class. I don’t remember the specifics of that day’s workout but I know that day and many after I spent plenty of time laying breathless on the floor of that gym wondering what I had gotten myself into. I also remember imagining what it would mean for my health, fitness, and mental outlook if one day I was able to do many of the movements and weights that the more experienced athletes seemed to do effortlessly. Of course it wasn’t effortless for them; it was the result of hours and months and years of consistent effort. So, this could be yet another fitness program I just tried out for a few weeks or months, or I could determine that this was my path to better health and feeling like a badass and that this would be my community to make progress with.

These two pictures (below) are exactly two years apart. June 1st, 2016 and 2018. The guy in the first picture had never attempted a burpee (because why?!), never done a pull-up, could only do push-ups from his knees, could barely do more than a few sit-ups, had rarely touched a barbell in his life and had no idea what a clean and jerk or snatch were, and what medicine balls were used for!

Two years after Start Strong, Joe looks like a different person!

The guy on the right is 40 pounds lighter, leaner, stronger, hs more fit than at any other point in his life, even as a teenageayng multiple sports. Now he can throw more than his body weight above his head, complete workoutke the Murph with a weighted vest, do muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, and many of the other fun movements he only dreamed of when he walked in two years ago. Pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and burpees for days.

More than that he is confident in his skin, mentally tough, happy and satisfied in life, and excited to show up every day with a community of people who care about each other and push each other to become the very best versions of themselves.

He has proven to himself that he can create the person and life that he wants, way beyond just his fitness level. Most of all, he has the energy and capacity to be an engaged, present, active father to the little boy in the first picture.

I was hesitant at best to give Crossfit a go. It seemed a bit extreme. Cultish maybe? But some old friends of mine, Darrick and BeckyJo had opened a gym and after the 100th or so time of seeing them post about their intro program (after all, the first rule of fitness is to constantly talk about it), I just registered on a whim one night. Probably while eating Taco Bell on my couch. Now though, I don’t blame them for opening a gym. It’s an amazing investment to make, one of which many people don’t have the funds to do. However, with the help of Ninja Nation, people can own their own fitness franchise. That’s definitely something to keep in mind because fitness can change lives and it can be profitable.

It’s been one of the better whims of my life. This is a special, diverse, unique, and powerful community. We push each other, pick each other up, celebrate everyone’s wins, cheer loudest for the last person to finish a workout, and accomplish really hard shit together. It’s magic.

If you’ve ever wondered if you could do it, if you could actually get in the best shape of your life, or learn how to properly fuel your body and create a healthy relationship with food, or just do a single damn pull-up, you can. I promise, you can. The dude on the left wondered. The dude on the right stopped wondering and just did it.

Find your people. Maybe that’s a Crossfit gym, maybe not, but find your people who will grow with you and push you. If you’re anywhere near CrossFit RE, sign up for their Start Strong program. Do it on a whim, it may be one of the best whims of your life.

Then tag me in your two year anniversary post so I can celebrate the person you’ve become!”

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