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Dorothy’s 5 Reasons to do Start Strong

“When I decided to do the Start Strong program, I wanted to get back to exercising regularly after a year and a half of recovering from being hit by a car.

In 2009, I weighed over 300lbs, and was in declining health. I started working out with a trainer and eating right, lost 160lbs, got in really amazing shape, started running races, and felt great. Then I had a bit of a burn out and was advised to stop long-distance running, so I started hard style kettle bell training.

Then I got hit by the car, and my exercise stopped. I was rehabbing my injuries, but all my energy went to doing enough work to make a living.

I started trying to work out on my own about a year later, but I struggled for a few months with re-injury and I missed having a trainer or a teacher. In December of last year, I was feeling needed to do something different, and boom, the Start Strong ad came up on my Facebook feed and caught my attention. It seemed like THAT was for ME. I met BeckyJo and Darrick and really liked what I heard, so I decided to go for it.

I stuck around for several reasons.

  1. The program was everything you said it would be.
  2. You honor all bodies, all ages, sizes, shapes, and you help us all find a way to safely do CrossFit!!
  3. You know what you are doing. I have been studying and learning about movement and corrective exercise for several years now, as well as doing massage for 24 years, and you guys know what you are talking about.
  4. Before I was injured, I was used to meeting with a trainer periodically and working out and running on my own, but I found that being in a class is such a motivator for me.
  5. It’s FUN!

Biggest surprise? I have always enjoyed weight training, but I never saw myself doing the kind of heavy lifting that I am doing. And I really like it!!

Biggest accomplishment? The Cornucopia Cup for sure!! And maybe my squat depth. I know it may not look like a lot to other people, but I have been struggling with my squat for years. Between all the good instruction I have gotten in class, and then what I have learned in the mobility class, my squat is getting better all the time!

The biggest challenge? Wall balls. Burpees. PULL UPS!! Really, for me its always my attitude, my state of mind, my spirit. Since I started this journey in back in 2009, that is the most important work. Everything else flows out of that.”

It is such an honor to have had Dorothy as a member since January 2017! She continues to impress us with her consistency and dedication … and her ever-increasing range of motion (i.e., squat depth!!). We love you, Dorothy. You are a badass and an inspiration!

Here is Dorothy crushing it at the 2017 Cornucopia Cup: