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“… we’re more than just a gym, we’re family!”

Chelsey in a CrossFit RE hoodie giving a thumbs up

This is Chelsey, and she is amazing. If you haven’t met her, you should. 🙂

We met Chelsey 5 years ago when she became our daughter’s nanny for the summer. When we told her she could also have a free CrossFit membership for being said nanny, she responded with, “oh, I’m not into that” or “weightlifting isn’t my thing” … or something to that effect.

Soon after … she became a member! LOL, I promise we didn’t pressure her! At least not too much. 😉 And she has been a cornerstone of our gym family since.“One class and I was in,” is how she described it.

Two years ago — as our Athlete of the Month — we asked her what she liked most about being a member. She said,

“At first it was the atmosphere at RE. Everyone was so fun and supportive that I just wanted to keep coming to be around them and get better at this weird new thing that I loved.

But then one day, about a year in, I realized how strong I had actually become and all of a sudden I felt like a badass who could basically do anything!!  That feeling is incredibly addicting, so it keeps me coming back.”

Of course, a LOT can happen in 5 years … moving across the city, changing jobs, etc.

I asked her recently why after all this time she’s still willing to commute to CFRE from White Center, and here was her response:

“I keep coming back to RE despite the commute in Seattle traffic because, from the day I walked in the door I felt the love this community has for fitness and for each other.

There are plenty of Crossfit gyms in my neighborhood but I’ll never leave because we’re more than just a gym, we’re family!