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RELIEF from chronic joint pain

Lana’s Story:

Two years ago, I was dealing with what the docs told me was an arthritic hip and predicted that within a year or two, I would be needing a hip replacement. I had stopped most, if not all, physical activity. I could no longer partake in my usual activities like salsa dancing, trail running, bike riding, or hiking without some significant discomfort. Even walking the pup around the block caused me to limp. To no avail, I tried stretching, deep tissue work, PT and rest. At night my hip would ache and throb so bad that my sleep was severely impacted. To say the least, I was in a rough spot, both physically and emotionally.

But last fall, in a last ditch effort to delay what the doc said was an inevitability, I signed up for Start Strong, the intro program at CrossFit RE. It was slow going at first but with some patience, consistency and yes, a lot of hard work, I am finally getting there!! Now 9 months into this, I am seeing and feeling the difference and my quality of life is returning to “normal”. Proof…I just completed my 6th 18-25mile bike ride with no pain… NO PAIN!!

I am still very much a work in progress; I have a bad day here and there and a hip replacement maybe in my future. But what I have (re)gained specifically because of CrossFit RE in Columbia City and the supportive community of the coaches and participants is invaluable … fitness, friendships, and (most importantly) the ability to re-engage in my life.

Thank you Darrick, BeckyJo, and the coaches at CrossFit RE for your Obnoxious Optimism, heartfelt live video pep-talks, and building an inclusive awesome CrossFit community.

Lana working hard with Dr. Nate during Mobility Class

Lana working hard with Dr. Nate during Mobility Class