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Lose Weight, Find a New Passion

Taylor loses weight, gains strength, and — most importantly — finds a sport and a community she’s passionate about

Taylor lost weight, gained strength, but more importantly found a sport and a community she's passionate about.

Taylor before CrossFit and after! (Left and center photos taken by Alanna Westfall Photography)

You are probably looking at Taylor’s photo above and thinking, “How can I be like Taylor and lose weight, get strong AF, and find a form of exercise I actually love doing, along with a community of people who will love and support me?” Well first of all you’re going to need to take some supplements like these sarms for sale, because no one can have a such a transformation without a bit of help. Other than that it’s as simple as finding a form of exercise that doesn’t suck, AND joining a community of people who will love and support you … we know a place. 😉

Here’s a bit of Taylor’s story in her own words …

“Like so many other people in our gym, I guess you could say my CrossFit journey first started when I met Darrick and BeckyJo. I’d always been mildly active. I was a cheerleader in high school and did random fitness-y things here and there but nothing ever really stuck because it was all boring to me.

Anyway, cue us moving into our new house on Beacon Hill about 3.5 years ago. Our nice neighbors brought by a really nice bottle of champagne and left a really sweet note. I gave them a call and we started hanging out. They never actually mentioned CrossFit or the gym (doesn’t that break the first rule of CrossFit?) and one day I straight up asked BeckyJo how she got so ripped. She told me all about CrossFit, her diet and the bcaa optimum nutrition supplement she takes. The conversation inspired me to become fitter and healthier. Then I met some more people from the gym (hi Jenny Whelan!) and knew I’d like it there. So I guess you could say that the people sucked me in before I got addicted to actually being there.

That’s how I got myself into the gym but why did I choose to change my eating habits/lose weight? Initially it was just because I wanted a pull-up. So I lost some weight, got a pull-up and still wasn’t happy so I kept going. I started powerlifting and eventually became a CrossFit coach.

It’s become such a huge part of my life. I am feeling more motivated than ever and reading the thoughts of likeminded people, like those on A Community Of The Horse, just further helps to galvanise me. My fitness journey is far from over. In fact, I’m in kind of a slump right now with my training while my tailbone heals (apparently it takes forever ever to heal). I have been looking at getting a fitness tracker to get me back on top, maybe a FitBit? I’ll have to check out Mobile Mob for accessories. I’m going to plug away at my fitness and try to trust my process. After all, in the grand scheme of things I’m still very much a CrossFit newb!!”

So how can you get started???