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Parents KILLING it!

You may or may not know that Darrick and I (BeckyJo) are parents to Olivia, a 5 year old who is energetic, fierce, lovely, and … exhausting. And we only have ONE KID! LOL. Shout out to p’s with multiple kiddos!!!!

So we want to say … this sh*t is TOUGH.

It is SO HARD to prioritize yourself …
    and to protect YOU time.

You may feel guilty

You may not have time

Or you may just be Really. Freaking. TIRED.

Well I wanted to introduce you to Isaak and Rassamee. They recently completed Start Strong (our 6-week intro program), and they have been such an inspiration to ME (the gym OWNER!)

I struggle to work out 4 days a week, not gonna lie.

Isaak and Rassamee have two young kiddos, and they made a commitment to prioritize their own health … but without compromising their family!!!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I forget that it can be done.

Somehow they managed to workout together a couple days a week …


Sometimes they brought the kids along (which we LOVE!!!) …


They snuck in workouts while the littles were sleeping (raise your hand if you can relate!) …


And the whole time they had a BLAST!


… and got some RAD results … which we do guarantee.

You may be holding yourself back …
     because you’re over-committed and tired …

And I want to let you know that your reasons are VALID.

…. BUT ….

You are SO WORTH IT. You deserve to take care of yourself and feel your best!!!

Yes, it will benefit your family to have you on top of your game …

but it will also benefit YOU.

And that matters.