Workout of the Day

What to expect in daily CrossFit programming

We are very purposeful in our programming. We understand that your fitness needs will differ throughout the year, and we want to take advantage of various motivations, as well as support your lifestyle at any given time. So we structure the year around main events like the holidays, the CrossFit Open, and getting ready for summer!

Every CrossFit class includes a warmup and joint prep. Joint prep has been developed alongside Dr. Michael Ross at Seattle Sports Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. It’s an opportunity for us to strengthen common weaknesses and increase range of motion in the safest way possible.

Each CrossFit class also includes Strength and Technique (S/T), and then finishes with the WOD, aka the “Workout of the Day.”

See below for the S/T and WODs for this week:

CrossFit Programming 05/25/2020 - 05/31/2020

Just a reminder that there are Zoom classes this week.
All of the workouts have been designed to be able to do at home. We will be logging our Workouts in SugarWOD to keep us all accountable. Also- you’ll see a “daily challenge” every day- this will be a fun way to encourage some friendly competition!

Thanks for your continued support and dedication!!
If you have any questions or even requests for programming, shoot Coach Lynch a message!


Memorial Day- No ZOOM classes today. We will be re-scheduling “MURPH” for July. To learn more about MURPH-

“Death By”
Every minute on the minute, until you can no longer complete the work

5 push ups
10 sit ups
15 squats

Once you “die” rest 1 minute, and then run 1 mile

* 1 hour time cap

Scoring: Time


Different Theme of WOD Names this week……

3 X 12 (per Leg)
Superset with
20 heel touches

Scoring: Load

    4 rounds:

    40 sec on/ 20 sec off

    weighted hollow hold
    Romanian Deadlift (two hands on your bell)
    Plank Knee to Elbows
    Over-the-bell hops


    L1- 8,000 steps
    L2- 10,000 steps
    RX- 12,000 steps


    “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” Anonymous

    4 X 8-10
    Single arm seated Z Press

    Superset with 12 standing Curls

    Scoring: Load

    E2mom – 12
    1 Round DT with LEFT arm
    10 USSR KB Swings
    1 Round DT with RIGHT arm
    ME Jumping Prisoner Squats

    1 round DT= 12 deadlifts
    9 Cleans
    6 Jerks
    *score is total number of jumping prisoner squats

    Scoring: Reps

    Planche Plank Hold

    4 X ME HOLD

    1:2 work/rest ratio. So if you hold for 30:sec, rest for 1 min.

    Scoring: Time


    You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.” –Sophia Bush
    Happy Hour Zoom Meeting at 8PM – Grab your favorite evening-time beverage and hang out! ❤️ Thursday 8:00 pm Happy Hour Zoom Meeting – Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/95911296899

    3 sets of 14 (per side)
    Super set with

    10-12 Plank Knee to elbows

    Scoring: Load

    AMRAP 6:
    2 Single Reverse Dead Clean Lunges, 20 Double-Unders
    4 Single Reverse Dead Clean Lunges, 20 Double-Unders
    6 Single Reverse Dead Clean Lunges, 20 Double-Unders
    …Continue to add (2) reverse lunges per round until out of time

    Rest 2:00

    AMRAP 6:
    2 Single DB/KB Snatches, 20 Double-Unders
    4 Single DB/KB Snatches, 20 Double-Unders
    6 Single DB/KB Snatches, 20 Double-Unders
    …Continue to add (2) snatches per round until out of time

    Scoring: Rounds + Reps

    On-the floor- back extensions

    L1- 25
    L2- 50
    RX- 75


    ❤️ Friday 7:00 am Warm & WOD – Come hang out and have a cup of coffee with us

    KB/ DB Figure 8’s

    One arm staggered swing with rotation

    Scoring: Rounds + Reps

    10 Min AMRAP

    10 Strict Press
    10 Front Rack Lunges
    5 alligator Rolls

    Scoring: Rounds + Reps

    Get some Vitamin D

    RX- Go spend a minimum of 30 minutes outside somewhere in Nature

    L2- Get outside for 15 minutes

    L1- Get outside for any amount of minutes

    Scoring: Reps

    ❤️ Saturday

    Join the online Class with Jude! 8:00 AM

    10 rounds
    3 Handstand push ups (or Pike push ups)
    6 V ups
    9 Deadlifts
    18 Double Unders

    Scoring: Time

    Hindu Push ups!
    *These are not for time, better to work for quality sets, so feel free to break them up throughout the day.

    L1- 10 Hindu Push ups
    L2- 25 Hindu Push ups
    RX- 50 Hindu Push ups

    Scoring: Reps