Workout of the Day

What to expect in daily CrossFit programming

We are very purposeful in our programming. We understand that your fitness needs will differ throughout the year, and we want to take advantage of various motivations, as well as support your lifestyle at any given time. So we structure the year around main events like the holidays, the CrossFit Open, and getting ready for summer!

Every CrossFit class includes a warmup and joint prep. Joint prep has been developed alongside Dr. Michael Ross at Seattle Sports Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. It’s an opportunity for us to strengthen common weaknesses and increase range of motion in the safest way possible.

Each CrossFit class also includes Strength and Technique (S/T), and then finishes with the WOD, aka the “Workout of the Day.”

See below for the S/T and WODs for this week:

CrossFit Programming 03/30/2020 - 04/04/2020

Just a reminder that there are Zoom classes this week.
All of the workouts have been designed to be able to do at home. We will be logging our Workouts in SugarWOD to keep us all accountable. Also- you’ll see a “daily challenge” every day- this will be a fun way to encourage some friendly competition!




  • 3 rounds:

    “Gorilla Complex”
    5 -8 Curls
    5-8 High Pulls
    5-8 Strict Press
    5-8 Tricep Extension
    5-8 pushups

    Super Set with 20 sec Hollow hold

    Scoring: Load

10 min. AMRAP
2 Reverse Dead Clean Lunges
12 KB Swings
14 Alternating leg V Ups
*each round add 2 Lunges

Scoring: Rounds + Reps

Athletes Notes

Reverse Dead Clean Lunges

Video HERE

Alternating Leg V ups
Video HERE

1 mile run

Scoring: Time



Single Leg Deadlifts
Superset with
4X 30 sec Supine Plank

Scoring: Load

Athletes Notes

Single Leg KB /DB Deadlifts

Points of Performance:

  1. The KB should be in the hand opposite of the leg doing work (so if I’m standing on my right leg, and sending the left leg back, I should hold the KB in my left hand)
  2. This is a hinge- focus on the hips driving back, while maintaining a neutral spine
  3. Keep a soft knee in the standing leg, don’t lock it out
  4. Try to prevent rotation to the side, think about keeping your back foot down
  5. As you hinge forward, only go as deep as your hamstrings will allow. You might not be able to reach the KB to the ground- that’s ok. Don’t round the back to get lower.

Example HERE

Another example (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKJtlk71fqc)

NOTE: If you don’t have a weight at home, you can do these without weight

Supine Plank
Video HERE

Min. 1: 50 Double-unders
Min. 2: 30 Sec Side Plank Hold (L)
Min. 3: 10 Strict Press (5 per side)
Min. 4: 30 Sec Side Plank Hold (R)
Min. 5: 10 Weighted Cossack Squats

Scoring: Load

100 Single Arm Front Rack Squats

L2- 75 squats
L1 – 50 Squats

Scoring: Time



3 X 12
Standing 2 hand Curls
Superset with
12 dips

Scoring: Load

Athletes Notes

Standing Curls
Points of Performance

  • Stand feet about hip width apart
  • Grasp the kettlebell from the horns
  • bring the bell up towards your body and lower all the way down to full extension
  • Minimize movement through the hips

Let “johnny fit” show you the move [HERE](https://www.johnnyfit.com/kettlebells/kettlebell-moves-2-hand-curl.html/

Points of Performance

  • Keep the chest up
  • Don’t allow the shoulders to collapse up into the neck
  • Hands should ~45 degree angle to allow the shoulder to maintain an externally rotated position
  • Keep the core tight
    Detailed video- why do most of ‘fitness’ men on the internet insist on teaching with thier shirts off?

5 Rounds:

8 Hang Clusters Right
10 Over the Bell Hops
8 Hang Clusters Left
10 Push Ups
In Remaining time do Max Effort weighted sit ups

Rest 2 minutes between rounds
Score is total # sit ups

Scoring: Reps

Athletes Notes

Take it from a hang position- clean into a thruster
Full extension at the top.
The video shows her taking the dumbbell from the ground, but we’ll take it from mid-thigh (hang position)
Video HERE
An example from the hang position HERE

An example with a KETTLEBELL HERE

And, finally, if you KB or dumbbell is too heavy to do single arm, you can use both hands as shown in the video HERE

Weighted sit ups
Video demo HERE
You can scale by doing them unweighted. Can hold a dumbbell instead of a kettlebell.


100 Jumping lunges

L2- 75 jumping lunges
L1- 50 jumping lunges

*note if you have limitations, you can sub jumping squats, regular lunges, or air squats

Scoring: Time



Tabata Plank (8 rounds)
20 seconds on, 10 seconds off

Scoring: Checkbox


1 Bear Complex (single arm)
10 Burpees
2 Bear Complex
9 Burpees
3 Bear Complex
8 Burpees
4 Bear Complex
7 Burpees
5 Bear Complex
6 Burpees
6 Bear Complex
5 Burpees
25 minute time cap

Scoring: Time

Athletes Notes

1 Bear Complex=
KB Clean
KB Front squat
KB Push Press
KB Front squat
KB Push Press/ Push Jerk

In the video he uses 2 kettlebells, but we’ll just use one. So you’ll only do 1 side as 1 rep.
video HERE

100 V ups

L2- 75 v ups
L1- 50 Lemon squeezers

Scoring: Time



4 X 12
Goblet 1 1/4 Squats
Superset with
10 Teapots per side

Scoring: Load

Athletes Notes

Standing Tea Pots
Video HERE She uses a dumbbell in the demonstration, but you can use a KB, laundry soap, water jug, ski boot…etc

Points of Performance:

  • Stand tall, with feet ~hip distance apart
  • Hold the weight in one hand at your side
  • Opposite hand can come to your hip, or to the side of your head
  • Lower the KB down towards the ground hinging the hips to the side
  • Do not bend your knees, or round your back
  • Feel the opposite obliques squeeze to pull the KB back up to standing

10 rounds:
5 KB Squat Curls
5 goblet squats
5 KB Taters
5 two-hand push press
5 KB halos

Scoring: Time

100 pistols
L2- 75 pistols- with assistance
L1- 50 single leg squats (to couch or chair)

Scoring: Time


For Time:
50 Jumping Prisoner Squats
40 Alternating Swings – 1 USSR; 1 USA
30 Russian Twists
20 Push Ups
30 Russian Twists
40 Alternating Swings – 1 USSR, 1 USA
50 Jumping Prisoner Squats

Scoring: Time

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