Workout of the Day

What to expect in daily CrossFit programming

We are very purposeful in our programming. We understand that your fitness needs will differ throughout the year, and we want to take advantage of various motivations, as well as support your lifestyle at any given time. So we structure the year around main events like the holidays, the CrossFit Open, and getting ready for summer!

Every CrossFit class includes a warmup and joint prep. Joint prep has been developed alongside Dr. Michael Ross at Seattle Sports Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. It’s an opportunity for us to strengthen common weaknesses and increase range of motion in the safest way possible.

Each class also includes Strength and Technique (S/T), and then finishes with the WOD, aka the “Workout of the Day.”

See below for the S/T and WODs for this week:

CrossFit Programming 09/21/2020-9/27/2020


Shoulder Press for load:
#1: 8 reps @ 65%
#2: 5 reps @ 75%
#3: 3 reps @ 80%

Scoring: Load

EMOM for as Long as Possible
7 Thrusters (75/55 lb)
7 Pull-Ups
7 Burpees

Scoring: Time

Coaches Notes

Scale the movements/reps/load so that the athlete gets at least 10 minutes of work

EMOM for as Long as Possible
5 Thrusters (75/55 lb)*You could also scale the load here
5 Pull-Ups
5 Burpees

EMOM for as Long as Possible
3 Thrusters (55/35) or whatver makes sense
3 Ring Rows
3 Burpees

3 sets of ME Handstand Hold

Fitness sub plank hold

Scoring: Time


Prepare for the WOD
* Review rowing technique
* Review Hollow Rocks

OTM x 25 (:50on / :10 Transition)
1) Max Cal Row
2) Russian Twist
3) Goblet Squats
4) Hollow Rocks
5) Rest

Scoring: Reps

Coaches Notes

Your score will be your lowest number of reps from each station.

10 min EMOM

EVEN: 10 PERFECT Air squats
Really, really, focus on making these beautiful. Fight for perfect form, even in the tiny details.

ODD: 5-10 Perfect push ups
Again, make these pretty. Chest all the way to the ground, no rounding through the spine, core tight, butt squeezed.


Deadlift for load:
#1: 10 reps

**15 minutes to work up to a 10RM

Scoring: Load

14 min AMRAP

Weighted step ups
Single Arm KB Swings
Chin ups

Scoring: Reps

Coaches Notes

At home sub front rack lunges
or jumping lunges for the step ups

10 minutes spent on mobility.

Pick an area and get to work….

Need some ideas?
– Shoulders! Hips! Ankles! Wrists!


4 Rounds

10 Ring Rows (AHAP- feet up on box if needed)

Superset with

10 Ring Push ups

Athletes Notes

@home- 10 Diamond push ups superset with 10 Couch Dips



8 Front Rack Lunges
10 Unbroken Double unders
12 Sit ups

*every round, add 10 double unders

Rest 2 min

5 Push ups
10 Calories
15 Front Squats

*every round add 5 Calories

Scoring: Reps

Run a mile!

Or walk a mile!

Scoring: Time


3 sets of 5 reps

*3 sec pause in the bottom

Scoring: Load

On The Minute x 16
Min 1) 5 Deadlifts (235/155)
Min 2) 12/9 calories on rower
Min 3) Max effort Single Arm Devils Press (50/35)
Min 4) REST

**Score is total number of Devil’s Press

Scoring: Reps

Set a timer and perform the following for 30 sec on/ 30 sec off for 3 rounds

1. Lateral arm raises. (use soup cans etc)
2. Bicep curls
3. Front raises
4. Tricep kick backs

So the clock will be on for 12 mins total.

❤️ Saturday

Join the online Class with Jude! 8:30 AM

It’s Goin’ Down””
For Time:
Hang Squat Clean
After each set, 30 Double-Unders

Barbell weight changes each round:
21’s – 75/55
18’s – 95/65
15’s – 115/85
12’s – 135/95