Cross-functional training for fat loss

Fat-burning training becomes much more effective when the program combines exercises for each muscle group. The cross-functional training described below will help you not only burn fat but improve physical fitness, strengthen muscles and create a sculpted, toned body.

An intensive cross-functional program is designed for 30 minutes. You will find 8 exercises and a ready-made lesson plan with a warm-up and a hitch. Training for men and women, no equipment and no repetitions of exercises.

Detailed workout plan

Before cross-functional training, be sure to do a warm-up of the whole core to thoroughly prepare the muscles and joints for work. Do the cross-functional exercises consistently at a moderate pace. During the warm-up, you should cheer up but not get tired.

Warm-up (4-5 minutes)

A warm-up is necessary to prepare the whole organism for cross-functional training. Due to increased body temperature and warming up of muscles, metabolism is activated, the state of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems improves, and muscle performance increases.

Core workout (42 minutes)

1. Jumping with the breeding of lower and upper limbs

When jumping, spread your arms and legs, so the body assumes a “star” pose. Jumping is an excellent cardio exercise, and intense limb work increases the load on the arms and hips.

2. Jump steps + punches

You bounce due to the strength of the socks, alternately changing legs with stepping movements. You make blows with our hands in front of us. This is an intense element of fat-burning training, emphasizing the load on the muscles of the legs and arms.

3. Jumping with crossing arms and legs

Come into a star pose with lower limbs apart and arms outstretched in opposite directions. When making a jump, bring the limbs together in a cross.

4. Half squat jump

Place your lower limbs closer to each other, sit down, then push off with an effort and jump up while spreading your legs and raising your arms above you. The element develops explosive strength, engages the arms and shoulders, and is great for overall core slimming.

5. Jump Lunges

Perform a low jump on your toes, then take a step and take a lunge position. With each repetition, the supporting and working legs change places, which contributes to a uniform load on the lower limbs. The combination of jump and lunge has a powerful fat-burning effect while loading the lower limbs. Additionally, during cross-functional workout, the press works.

6. Step forward lunges

The fat-burning element of the workout is similar to the classic lunges, but this modification is performed with a less wide stance. It is enough to take a short step forward and sit down until the knee of the back leg almost touches the floor. Then you get up and return to the initial phase. The exercise will help to accentuate the relief of the legs and buttocks.

7. Bicycle

You do not change the position from the previous exercise. You bring your hands together at the back of the head and raise the core from the floor. Next, alternately pull the knees to the chest, simulating the rotation of the pedals. You turn the body, trying to cross-touch the knee with the elbow. An ideal exercise for toned abs and the development of abdominal muscles!

8. Vertical fold

In the starting position, the lower limbs are slightly narrower than the width of the shoulders, and the arms are extended above the head. You raise one leg parallel to the floor, after which you tilt the body, and try to touch the sock with your palms. For a new repetition, you work with the opposite foot, etc. The target group is the press and the belt zone. Arms and quadriceps work no less.

9. Body turns to side plank

Being in the plank position, you need to turn the body to the side and raise your arm up. After a short pause, turn in the other direction. The bodyweight workout element helps you lose weight in your hips and achieve a slender waist.

Stretching (3-4 minutes)

Regardless of how tired you are, take the time to stretch after your cross-functional workout. A simple complex will help you stretch your muscles and calm your body.